Hi Everyone.

Just a quick update to things happenning at PAST TENSE HQ.

First of all the vinyl single with the LOOP has been selling really well. Thanks to everyone who has bought one, Its really appreciated. We've had great feed back and got a great review in Record Collector.


Our next gig is the DETOUR records showcase on Saturday 2nd August headlined by the "Self Preservation" line up of THE CLIQUE. This is not to be missed.

Recording/releases update.

First we have a track on the MARCH OF THE MODS 2014 double CD. Its coming out very soon. Go to for more details

We are very excited about the second release as its so "off the wall". We are releasing a flexi disc. To be more precise we are 1 disc of a 9 flexi disc box set that is coming out on Fruits De Mer Records around November. We've done a cover version of an old freakbeat track and given it "The Past Tense" treatment. The plan for the box set is 9 different bands all with 1 flexi disc each, 9 card inserts and a CD of all the tracks in a clam type box. The estimated price is £25 + postage. These will be very limited so we will only order enough to cover demand. If you want one just let someone in the band know over the next couple of months.

The new album has 10 tracks awaiting final mixing. A couple more tracks to be recorded and then it will be ready. A release date of late 2014/early 2015 is looking likely. Some of you may have seen the photos of Paul (Superminx) Osborn recording some vocals with us. His contribution is really appreciated.

Finally thanks to everyone who took part in or organised the MARCH OF THE MODS gigs in March,  thanks to Rob and friends for the lovely weekend we had at Clacton in March, to Albert for letting us submit the regulars of The Putney Club to some proper music and to Plastic Pop records for the gig at the Dublin Castle in May.  

Its been a fun few months. Heres to many more

The Past Tense


 Who's got this in their diary?






Just a quick note to let you know that the 40 PAST TENSE singles with the limited No'd Photo have ALL GONE! The single isn't released until MONDAY. Both bands have been overwhelmed by this response.

We still have numbered insert copies but these are already starting to be ordered so (hopefully) they won't last long either.

THANK YOU any one who has or will be ordering from us. This is all self financed and any money goes towards both bands new long players which should be out later in the year.




Its READY. RELEASE DATE MONDAY 17 FEBRUARY. Early orders will all be sent out this FRIDAY !

Finally after months of hard work the joint single between us and the LOOP is finally ready for release. They are ready to go and can be ordered NOW on our store page. We are doing the internet sales for both bands so this is the place to come. Just choose what you version you want, pick the right postage options and away you go.

The first 100 of each release include a special NUMBERED insert only. A red LOOP insert with the Red vinyl LOOP version and a yellow PAST TENSE insert with the Yellow vinyl PAST TENSE version. In addition the first 40 Past Tense singles include a VERY LIMITED Numbered PAST TENSE photo. The singles will be available at gigs but we don't know how long the numbered versions will last !! ORDER NOW.  



Hi Everyone

Can't believe another 12 months has gone by. Again we need to thank everyone who has had anything to do with the band this year. Its been another great year. Special thanks go to Alan May, the glory boy mod radio show on 6towns radio and Steve Worrall of retroman blog. You have supported the band above and beyond the call of duty.

The 7" single is at the presses. Theres been a slight delay but the single will definately be available at the end of January. We will keep you posted as the release date approaches. There will be some limited editions available so starting saving.

Only a couple of gigs in the book for next year so far. March of the Mods on 16 March 2014 in Croydon. A really great line up. And then a week later the Clacton Scooter Weekend. Again a great line up, and our good friends The Len Price 3 added to the bill. Will it snow again like last year. Why not book a caravan and find out. Its was a blast last year.

Signing off until 2014. Cheers everyone



Time for an update for all you lovely people out there


Well its been all systems go. We played the Half moon twice on 20 April and 29 May to some great audience responses. Its fast becoming our second home. See the live pictures on our pictures page. Thanks to Paul Slattery for all the fantastic photos he takes at all the gigs he attends. A great gig for Jeff Mundays 50th birthday on 12 April with our good friends The Fallen Leaves, The Superminx 70 and the Groovymen, and we took part in the International Pop overthrow festival in London.


We have finished recording two new tracks "remember the days" (see our music player to the left!!) and "whats coming next?" which have been played on the super "glory boy" radio show and will be part of the next retroman blog. Thanks Steve and Alan for all the support. Backing tracks for more songs are recorded and just need the usual overdubs and mixing which we hope to complete during August. The new album is coming along, at last.


Upcoming gigs can be found on our shows page. Due to holidays etc they are a bit sparse at the moment but keep an eye on the shows page for regular updates

A 7" single. The two tracks above are being joined by two tracks from our good friends THE LOOP to bring you a fabulous 4 track E.P. Just finalising details at the moment for a hopeful autumn release. Its gonna be limited so keep watching for updates.

And Finally ..... One for your diaries. We have been invited to play the CLACTON scooter weekender again next year. Get booking your caravans NOW. If its as good as this years event it's going knock the socks off anything else you do in 2014. 



Hi Mod friends and family everywhere.

Thanks to you all we have had a brilliant March.

Firstly the Clacton Scootering weekender from 22 March 2013 - 24 March 2013. We had a blast. As usual the PAST TENSE kept the mod flag flying both nights until closing time. Played with five great bands over two nights CHRIS POPE'S THE CHORDS, THE LOOP, THE THEME, THE MANNIQUINS and THE SHA LA LA'S. Lots of dancing for which we apologise (we do our best) and lots of new friends made. It Snowed but that made it have more of a christmassy feel. The quote of the weekend for the vegatarian order for food - Waiter "HAM, EGG and CHIPS without THE HAM" priceless !


Secondly the fantastic MARCH OF THE MODS final show in Brighton on 31st March. What a night. Everyone there for the same cause, to contribute either as a band or audience member to make the event something special. Six great bands all sharing equipment and doing it just for the fun of it. Each band went down a treat with the audience, never diminsihing in numbers, but being there for the cause. As a band we were blown away yet again by the response and this posting by Eddie Modculture (one of the organisers) which appeared on facebook the next morning - "March of the mods Brighton, the best 3 minutes of all the events i went to that month, a few young mods stood calm as you like waiting for the PAST TENSE to play their next tune and they go with "Wolfman" then those young lads start avin it big time, now I fooking love that, because that's what music is all about for me, totally losing it and you've no idea why, respect to those lads and respect to a fantastic band, if you love The SONICS then you will love this tune....class."

At this point we would like to give a shout to the AA recovery van driver and Wayne Lundqvist Ford. After breaking down half way home on Sunday night after the March of the Mods, the cup of Coffee and shelter from the cold from Wayne and the tow home from AA recovery after waiting only 1/2 hour were most welcome.

A few new gigs up for April - see the gig page for details. If anyone would like to put us on at their venue please don't hesitate to get in touch. 

More news to follow shortly. The band will be recording this month for a possible vinyl release in the summer - Watch this space.








Hi Everyone

Well the quiet January we were expecting turned out rather nicely, thank you.

First of all we were added to the bill at the QUADROPHENIA night at the Fiddlers Elbow in Camden. A great saturday night with new friends made, and none lost. Thanks to Dan for adding us to the bill.

Then, the following saturday we were asked to support POPE, The Loop and The Groovymen at the 12 Bar Club, Denmark Street, London. Thanks to all that came along. It must have be a good one as it was well gone 3 o'clock a.m before we got home. Hopefully Albert will forgive the band one day. Don't ask.

Then, low and behold, the fabulous MARC RILEY goes and plays a track of ours on BBC 6 MUSIC. Its on the playlist for Thursday 24th January if you want to check it out. In his immortal words.. "The Past Tense, I am liking that!"

And to round off the month a play on FM radio. If you were listening to FM 97.2 last week you might have caught us.

Going forward we will be out of action in February but return with a BANG in March when we play the Saturday night with POPE and The Loop at the Clacton Weekender and then the following week play the Sunday leg of The March Of The Mods down in sunny Brighton. The Mighty Gary Shail "Quadropenia" to MC this one. One event to say you were at. Its all for Charity too so there are no excuses.  

New gigs added to our gig list so why not come along and have a good night out. 





Then - and I'm sure this had something to do with the arrival of my friend Dave - the evening suddenly shifted up a gear. Main support the Past Tense powered through one monster tune after another - seek out the astonishing 'Wolfman' - I think there's a couple of versions on YouTube. This was the most successful marriage so far that night of melody and muscle. They are lucky to have one of those drummers who might be moving so fast he could be having an episode, yet every clash and pound is floor shaking and absolutely precise. The fact that (as I found afterwards) he rejoices in the name of 'Nuts' only adds to his charismatic allure. [Read More...]
Putney Half Moon. A night to remember
Next up it's The Past Tense and they nailed it tonight with the best performance I've seen from the band yet. Starting with the fantastic "Lost Without Your Love", they power through their tight, perfectly formed little nuggets such as "Poison Arrow" and "My Baby". They play a catchy new song called "Remember The Days", and follow that with even more great songs, "Angel Face", "The Optimist" and the classic "The Wolfman". The band end on "Jimmy's Love Song", a tribute to Quadrophenia, with it's urgent, strummed guitar intro it really raised the temperature. They got a well deserved encore too and treated us to "Out Of My Mind" before disappearing to wild applause.
[Read More...]

Hi Everyone

There really are too many people to thank individually this year so to anyone who has:

a) come to a gig

b) released anything

c) set up a gig

d) played us on the radio, internet or otherwise

e) bought our CD's

f) laughed with or AT us

g) played a gig with us

h) lent us amps etc to use at a gig

i) conversed with any of the band on facebook etc

j) listened to us "rabbit on" when we have had one too many beers

k) reviewed our live shows or CD's

all we can say is THANK YOU. 2012 has been a blast. You all know who you are and it wouldn't have been the same without you.

2013 is starting quietly with no gigs planned until Mid March. Then we start on a run in March, going in to April, May and June. We will keep you posted.

2013 will definately see some new songs and recordings. Watch this space

Have a great christmas and new year.

KTF- Andy, Ken and Nuts